Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my smart phone to operate my garage door opener?
Yes, there are 2 ways to accomplish this. Please read how to set up the garage door opener iphone app for a complete overview on how to accomplish this.

My Garage door is jammed. Can I fix that myself or do I need help?
There are 5 common reasons why your door might jam. Some are fixes you can tackle on your own. Sometimes, it will require a tech. Read this article to sort it out. 5 Common Reasons Your Door Is Jammed

Can you help me with my broken garage door after hours?
YES. We offer 24 hr. emergency service.

My garage door won't open? What can I do?
When your garage door won't open there are some simple fixes that you can do yourself and other problems where you might want to call a professional. Click here to learn all the fixes

Do you stand behind your work?
YES. We back our work with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers our parts and labor.

Will you be able to fix my garage door on the first trip?
YES. A professionally trained technician will arrive, on-time, in a fully stocked truck and fix your garage door right - the first time.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
YES. We will gladly provide you with the appropriate documentation.

Can you fix the springs on my garage door?
YES. We are broken spring specialists. Our replacement torsion springs are heavy duty, high cycle, oil tempered springs that do not require lubrication and can last over 4 times as long as typical garage door springs.

Do you hire full time employees or use subcontractors?
Precision Door Service garage door technicians are always full time employees - not subcontractors. They are professionally trained by the best in the industry and can repair, service or install any garage door system.

How do your replacement parts compare to typical replacement parts?
Our parts are the highest quality parts available in the garage door industry today. You can rest assured knowing your garage door will operate safely and smoothly for years to come.

Can you make my garage door so it's not so loud and clanky?
YES. Simply put... we can make your garage door the quietest on the block!

Do you sell and install new garage doors?
YES. Call the location nearest you for a FREE, no obligation consultation and estimate.

Do you sell and install new garage door openers and accessories?
YES. Call the location nearest you for more details.

Do you do commercial work?
YES. Most of our locations do commercial work. Call the location nearest you for more details.

Do I Need Garage Door Insulation?
Garage door insulation will impact your garage door in 3 ways:
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Increase durability
  • Reduce noise
An insulated garage door will not make your garage door warm but it will make it warmer. And that’s the point. It may raise the temperature by as much as 10 degrees and that is very often the difference between cold and freezing, which is important. Learn more.

Why are the lights on my garage door opener flashing causing my door not to close?
When your garage door opener lights are blinking, or flashing, and your garage door does not close all the way, you may have an issue with your safety sensors (eyes). The number of flashes can help to identify the potential issue. Click here to learn all the facts on Garage Door Opener Flashing

What Kind of Garage Door Opener Can I Get If I Have Low Ceilings?
Click here to learn more about different options of garage door openers that will work for the height of your garage.

What size opener (horsepower) is best for my garage door?
Find out which size opener or horsepower is the best for your garage door and why.

Why does it sound like my garage door (opener) motor is running but is not opening my garage door?
Find out the possible reasons and solutions as to why your garage door opener motor sounds like it is on and running, but your door cannot open or close. Click here to learn all the facts on Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Panels | Should You Replace Only One?
When replacing anything on your garage door, you want to be educated in making the best decision for your home. Replacing just the panel can make things worse. Click here to learn more about Panel Replacement

What is a Garage Door Seal?
There are many different types of seals for multiple purposes. These are an essential part of your garage door. Click here to learn the facts about Garage Door Seals

Can I save money buying a cheap garage door?
There are several factors to consider when buying a garage door. Buying what you need is probably best. Learn about cheap garage doors here

Why is my garage door shaking when it opens or closes?
Find out the possible reasons and preventions as to why your garage door is shaking when it opens and closes. Click here to learn the facts and solutions on Garage Doors.

Does my garage door require maintenance?
Most of today's garage doors don't require maintenance but there are a few quick things you can do to keep your door in good working order throughout the year. Learn more about annual garage door maintenance here

How do I program my Precision Garage Door Opener remote and keypad?
Programming your Precision remote and keypad is easy. Click here and follow the steps and watch a demonstration

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